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Over 55 Years of Legal Experience

Bringing a Caring, Human Face to the Practice of Law

When you have a legal problem, you want your legal team to have a high level of legal expertise, a high level of client care, concern, compassion, as well as business savvy. Elsey & Peace has a unique approach to your legal issues. We offer an exceptional level of client support in a relaxed environment. Elsey & Peace is a service-oriented law firm that provides a high-level support to all of our clients. This quality, paired with the diverse backgrounds of our lawyers, has allowed our law firm to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Our lawyers are skilled in litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution processes.

close up of woman signing documents

With Elsey & Peace, You’re More Than a Number

If you’re amid something like a divorce, the last thing you want is a cold, unfeeling attorney who simply moves through the steps of your legal issue. Elsey & Peace takes great pride and satisfaction in the meaningful interactions facilitated with each of our clients. Because of this, many former clients have become friends, occasionally dropping by our offices or updating us on their lives. Quite often, our clients refer their friends and co-workers to us, so that they can receive the same quality of legal service. While maintaining professionalism in all aspects of our practice, we remove the intimidation factor some associate with lawyers. Our office environment is friendly and casual – the perfect place for you to discuss your legal issue without feeling any pressure.

A Professional Limited Liability Company

Call When it’s Convenient for You

Elsey & Peace knows that a legal matter can arise at any hour of the day. Because of this, we remain extremely accessible to our clients, offering availability for them to call or email to discuss any legal issue they may have. We realize the field of legal practice is a service industry, and that’s precisely how we treat it. By providing you with the flexibility to call or email when it’s convenient for you, we ensure no legal problem will go unsolved. Our commitment to exceptional client experiences starts here. Through our attentive, personal services, we work closely with each client we represent and strive to know our clients and their legal needs.