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If You’re Going Through a Divorce, Elsey & Peace Can Help

Divorce can be a challenging time for anyone. You may have never imagined that one day you would have to go through the dissolution of your marriage or a dispute regarding your children. Sometimes the decision becomes necessary, or is even made for you. Trying to deal with both the legal and emotional aspects of something like this can cause overwhelming stress. With the support of Elsey & Peace, you will receive sound, legal advice in a caring environment. Our lawyers and staff can assist you with matters regarding your family, including custody of your children, valuation of your marital estate, orders for protection (including restraining orders), or division of assets. Our team will keep in close contact with you so that we may answer your questions and offer the support and counsel that you need.

close up of lawyer reviewing legal documents

Child Custody & Child Support Modification

Divorce divides families. Elsey & Peace knows that child custody is often the most difficult aspect of any divorce. With high tensions and raw emotions, it can be challenging to act in the best interest of your children, despite you wanting what’s best for them. Elsey & Peace can help you with child custody or child custody modification. If a child support order is in effect, Elsey & Peace knows that financial situations change, and adjustments may be necessary. We help you determine changes in your needs, as well as the next steps in seeking modification. We will guide you through the process providing you with a unique perspective as decisions are made regarding your children.

We’re with You, Each Step of the Way

When you’re alone and raising your children after a divorce, you want to be sure that your spouse honors obligations for spousal and child support. Perhaps your re-marriage has prompted a modification of spousal support or child support – Elsey & Peace can offer clear, solid advice on how best to proceed. If your divorce is pending, you are a victim of domestic violence, a protective order may become necessary to keep you and your children safe. Elsey & Peace can also evaluate wrongful allegations of domestic violence and quickly work toward a sensible resolution.

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