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Experienced Energy Law Attorneys

Those at Elsey & Peace have extensive experience in all aspects of energy law, including oil and gas law. We can assist in all aspects of oil and gas transactions, from negotiations, to contracting, and through to closing. Our attorneys were even involved in transactions exceeding $1.5 billion. We can prepare the proper documentation and contracts needed in each phase of the industry, whether it be a simple lease, a complex exploration agreement, a mega-merger, or acquisition. Elsey & Peace, is prepared to represent you in resolving disputes, and in litigation, in the event your transaction leads to a disagreement.

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Our Background in Oil & Gas Law

Our client list has included investors, operators, contractors, acquirers, sellers, lessors, lessees, mineral owners, royalty owners, and pipeline companies. Our diverse experience of nearly 20 years covers the full spectrum of oil and gas-related issues. Attorneys at Elsey & Peace regularly handle substantial, quick-turnaround due diligence and discovery projects for oil and gas clients. We represent participants in the energy industry during complex environmental and commercial litigation. Elsey & Peace can assist you in various transactions by providing due diligence services to our clients buying and selling multiple energy assets. Clients can rely on us for experienced guidance at every phase of project development.

What is Energy Law?

Many people don’t realize how much energy laws and regulations impact their daily lives. For example, each time you fill up your car’s gas tank, you’re paying energy taxes. Energy law brings solutions to the countless legal and public policy issues confronting the fuel and power industries. Energy law clients represent oil and gas companies, pipeline and transport companies, biofuel producers, mining and mining equipment firms, electric utilities, independent power producers, nuclear and fossil fuel developers, renewable energy companies, energy efficiency response enterprises, and investors and financiers to all the preceding. Do you still have questions about energy law? Contact Elsey & Peace to answer any questions you have.

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